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 on: Today at 06:45:37 AM 
Started by RICH MUISE - Last post by TexasFordGuy
here are 2 that I have recently found..
Melvins actually has the flipper springs that I have been unable to locate elsewhere.. I found their prices are in many cases are lower than the main Ford suppliers we turn to 1st, I purchased several items including springs, very nice and pleasant to work with

Melvin's we address was not working, here is a working one http://melvinsclassicfordparts.com

 on: Today at 06:37:48 AM 
Started by gasman826 - Last post by Ford Blue blood
Thanks Gary, I'll continue looking around here.  I know the 65 Bird is a 3:00, the Versailles is most likely a 2:76.....but, that is going to be out of the picture as those are sought after because of the width....and the disc brakes.....Bill

 on: Today at 05:58:05 AM 
Started by RICH MUISE - Last post by JimNolan
That's what I plan on.  I would have already done that, but the short block just got finished the other day.  I still have to get my heads done, and need a set of valves for it.  My supplier says he can get the intakes, but the exhausts are on backorder, not sure when he will get them.  Since I want to drive this thing some time this summer, and do cruising the coast in it, I put my 351 in it.  That 351 will eventually wind up in my F100, with a smaller cam of course, but it was never meant to stay in my 57, just get me around until my 312 is ready to go.

We're coming to Gulfport for Cruising the Coast. I'll arrive Tuesday and leave the following Sunday morning. I'll be staying at the Residence Inn at the Airport. Don't know which car I'll bring. I'll be looking for your 57. Jim

 on: Today at 05:47:21 AM 
Started by RICH MUISE - Last post by RICH MUISE
I just went out and looked at my old 6 cyl radiator, and the bottom outlet is on the passenger side, so you may not be able to use that.
With that in mind, unless your just trying to avoid buying a new radiator, when Auto City Classic came out with their '57 aluminum radiators a few years ago, they were showing pictures of a radiator with both outlets on the left side. I tried to tell them that didn't match up with anything oem, but I don't know if they ever changed anything. Maybe they still have some of those.

 on: Today at 05:22:45 AM 
Started by RICH MUISE - Last post by RICH MUISE
Great news, Gary....and you'll probably get it finished before I do! LOL. I saw that Continental setup for the coolant flow, and wished I had known about it before I bought my new aluminum radiator, or I probably would have chosen a 6 cyl radiator setup as well. If you do go with an 8 radiator, the Markviii setup can be altered by cutting off the corner with the outlet tube and rewelding it on flipped upwards. I can't remember what side the bottom outlet on the radiator is on on a six, I think I remember it being on the drivers side as well, but I'm not positive. I would think the bottom one would have to be on that side.
On the axel ratio, I've got to do some final rechecking when I get to the point of redoing my rear end setup. I believe the ratio that was recommended for what I wanted was a 3.50 (3.55?). I do want a tracloc and a narrowed rear with discs, as well as new springs, etc....so it's a major cost thing. I've got the stock untouched differential hooked up to the driveshaft so at least it could be driven. The rear is the final thing I'll do to the car.
I've got everything I need for the cop conversion except the actual coils. I heard from the SVT Mustang crowd the oem Ford cop coils are much better than any of the aftermarket stuff, so I'm looking for a used set of coils from a dohc 4.6. I won't do the actual conversion until after I get the '95 coilpack setup up and running. I don't want to alter anything from a known to be good running engine before I get it wired and started. As I mentioned in a previous thread, I did install the cop valve covers, but I've just got the original coilpacks and plug wires plugged in thru them.
Btw, I picked up a steel ps reservoir bracket off a '97 Markviii..it's much smaller than the cast aluminum bracket you'll be left with after removing the coil packs. I think it could even be cut down smaller yet....I'll check after I remove the coil packs.

 on: Today at 05:12:16 AM 
Started by gasman826 - Last post by gasman826
There are 3:58 and 3:89 on the tags.  The other tags are too rusty.  There is a '65 TBird rear and Lincoln Versailles disc brake rear.  These are all 28 spline open rears still in the housings.  Ordinarily I would have no problem pulling each pig to check the ratio and put it in a 5 gallon bucket and ship UPS, but the clock is ticking.

 on: Today at 05:07:41 AM 
Started by Zapato - Last post by Ford Blue blood
Have the 500 fins.  The tail light housing is already bolted up to the current Ranchero quarter.  Of the four bolts that hold the bezel to the body the three bottom (two sides and very bottom) line up perfectly.  Plan to use it to start the "correct lines" to the door.  Plan on staying with the Ranchero doors right now, they are the exact same length as the 500 doors and the 500 trim will fit perfect.  Going to loose the locks and handles.  This project is a couple days down the road yet.  Might just go back 100% stock except the drive train.......just flip flopping on this.....see how life goes.

 on: Yesterday at 09:12:25 PM 
Started by RICH MUISE - Last post by Ecode70D
    There was a tornado in Mass. today in the town of Revere which is just outside of Boston.
It missed us by about 60 miles but took out a building that I occasionally worked out of when I was assigned there to do road tests.  There is plenty of damage, but no loss of life.  Rich you should remember Revere, it's in the general direction of Adventure car hop.
     We are in good shape and completely dodged the bullet. Thank God.   It did get sort of dark out for a while when it was happening.   

 on: Yesterday at 08:52:03 PM 
Started by RICH MUISE - Last post by canadian_ranchero
well i am not happy with my 6cyl.it is really hard to get on to the freeway and not get almost run over!!!! so i am digging out my 4.6 stuff and will start the swap when the snow flies.thinking of using the 6cyl rad and got the continental water manifold so the top rad hose is on the left side.also picked up all the coil on plug stuff so i think i will do that at the same time.Rich what axle ratio are you going to use? i was thinking 3.25 or 3.56   

 on: Yesterday at 08:37:51 PM 
Started by Zapato - Last post by RICH MUISE
I thought he meant he needed the actual fin...or full top of rear fender..since he was making a Fairlane based Ranchero.

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