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 on: Yesterday at 09:49:45 PM 
Started by RICH MUISE - Last post by Zapato
those spotlite/mirrors are killer. nice all around

zap- :unitedstates:

 on: Yesterday at 04:41:20 PM 
Started by akronterr - Last post by Sandiaman
My 57 Ranchero with 6 cylinder has 3400 on the title.

 on: Yesterday at 04:36:43 PM 
Started by RICH MUISE - Last post by LAUDY57
A nice Meteor grill in Kelowna, BC - on our new insurance calendar.

 on: Yesterday at 04:21:07 PM 
Started by akronterr - Last post by rmk57
Sales brochure says 4600 lbs. More than the f-100!

 on: Yesterday at 04:11:01 PM 
Started by akronterr - Last post by akronterr
Hi Guys, My brother just bought a 57 Ranchero from Arizona and to title it here in Pa. They said they need the GVW of the car. Curb Weight. Which I found. My ? is did ford give a GVW on these in 57? Notery said it has to be on the Ranchero some where. I said it is NOT. Am I correct? Thanks for any info Terry

 on: Yesterday at 02:59:19 PM 
Started by GaryI72 - Last post by GaryI72
Fun day today. Installed shifter, head lights. Fixed coolant leak. Jacked car up, ran it thru the gears, checked brakes. Dropped it back down. Was going to take down the road and back after setting idle for over 40 years. Tested the power steering, had the lines on backwards blew the seal out the top. Jacked back up, removed rack and pinion, pulled blown seal, called it a day. Test ride prolly wait till spring.

 on: Yesterday at 01:03:13 PM 
Started by gasman826 - Last post by JPotter57
I was expecting it to look like this automotive abortion...

 on: Yesterday at 12:09:18 PM 
Started by gasman826 - Last post by RICH MUISE
Lou, be curious to hear his reply. Not everything Barris built has been"beautiful'' or "stylish'' but one thing that owners have always valued even if modified from the original build is the Barris medallion. And if every car that George put his signature on at a car show was listed as his, well there would be a lot more of his builds out there.

Zap- :unitedstates:
I think the Barris in this case is Sam, not George. Nothing on that car flows right imho...too boxy.

 on: Yesterday at 09:45:27 AM 
Started by MrArt2u - Last post by MrArt2u
Yes sir, the shaft has to be cut from the old box to install the new box. Additionally, it has to be shortened to fit. In my case (new steering box) I had to cut the outer column housing to just about the firewall. I am using a floor shift so that was ok. I believe a rack and pinion install doesn't have to be shortened as much and it would leave you with enough column in the engine compartment to fit the shift mechanism.

In order to attach the DD coupler to my 57 hollow shaft, I had the original shaft cut and chamfered then welded on to a solid 3/4" chamfered shaft (the chamfereing is for better weld penetration) I then had the 3/4" solid section machined to DD. I ended up using a rag joint because it was a straight shot in to my box, that will help cut down on some road/pump vibrations. The ABS kit I'm using originally came with a U-joint but it was unnecessary for the straight shot and about 3/4" longer than the rag joint. 

I've used ididit columns in several other cars and, I have to admit, they're pretty awesome. Unfortunately, they didn't offer one with the correct Ford steering wheel splines and we really don't want an aftermarket steering wheel. Unless we decide to run the 15" smaller wheel on the market which, according to his ad-I haven't looked in to this, will work with both stock AND aftermarket columns.

I'm focusing on installing the disc brakes at the moment just to wrap up the undercarriage work so I'll likely get back to the steering column in the next couple of weeks. Next steps are the final precise cut (I'm sneaking up on it) and modifying the horn circuit to work with the new configuration. I'll try to add some pictures soon.


 on: Yesterday at 09:18:53 AM 
Started by gasman826 - Last post by JPotter57
It's not as bad as I was expecting, but still not my bag.  With modifications on these cars, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  As for me, I just can't see anyone improving the looks too much over what FoMoCo provided as automotive perfection back in `57.

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