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 on: Today at 12:47:33 AM 
Started by Ecode70D - Last post by djfordmanjack
Man...our daily driver stuff (post Jan 1, 1960 stuff) has to be inspected yearly, but is only $5. 

 :005: OMG ! here in Austria we have inspections on our daily and vintage vehicles every year and they are about Euro50/60 which is about $ 80 !!!! inspections are extremely strict, a finger wide play on your steerign wheel and you won't pass. any car, no matter if it is a Model T, a 57 or a modern Benz, they go on the shaker plate to check all the suspension. Imagine what that will show with an average 60 yr old American car... :-(   everything has literally to be (as) new
On the other hand this is good for traffic safety as it limits the use of really dangerous vehicles!

 on: Yesterday at 09:26:21 PM 
Started by canadian_ranchero - Last post by canadian_ranchero
after doing some research,the clutch splines are the same the overall length is with in a 1/4 inch,the trans mount within a 1/4 inch,use the 53 drive shaft yoke with a convergion u joint.looks like it should fit   

 on: Yesterday at 09:02:30 PM 
Started by Wagon57 - Last post by canadian_ranchero
i have been told one from a 60 or 61 ford will fit

 on: Yesterday at 08:57:24 PM 
Started by geraldchainsaw - Last post by canadian_ranchero
make sure the bumpers are adjusted properly at the firewall.the ones on my wagon were set too far down and chiped the paint on the cowl.

 on: Yesterday at 08:34:34 PM 
Started by Ecode70D - Last post by RICH MUISE
And aside from good input, who else is gonna post moose pictures?

 on: Yesterday at 07:11:12 PM 
Started by Ecode70D - Last post by Frankenstein57
Shhhhhhhhh, we don't have car inspections

 on: Yesterday at 07:05:15 PM 
Started by jwag - Last post by electricalan
The problem I see is if you can,t get to the inside of the tank to remove that screen/filter off the end of the pickup tube it would never work.Thats why I mentioned I had my tank wide open and was able to removve that and clean the tank also.That thing was a solid mass and I wondered how they ever expected to service it.I wish I had taken a pic of that thing.Cleaning and drying the tank you could do,but with that thing in there I dont think you would ever get gas through it again.Hope this helps you get it done or avoid a problem. Good luck,let us know how ya came out. Al

 on: Yesterday at 05:12:55 PM 
Started by jwag - Last post by electricalan
They suggest accetone or laquer thinner,moisture is what will ruin it.I googled Red coat industries and boght it direct.

 on: Yesterday at 04:56:22 PM 
Started by Ecode70D - Last post by junior58
Sounds similar to the people who advertise a car as "all original", and then go on to list all the things that have been changed.

 on: Yesterday at 04:06:25 PM 
Started by 1stGen - Last post by JPotter57
C1AE, means at least the intake is a 61, probably a 352 or 390.  Still not a bad starting point.  Like Lou said though, it isn't original, to some that would be a deal breaker, to others, not so much, and to yet some others, would be a plus.  It all really depends on what you want to do.  I assume with a Skyliner, there won't be much hot rod action going on, those dudes are heavy.  Still, with an FE and a manual trans, it would be a lot of fun to drive, especially with the top stowed and some cool tunes playing on the radio.

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