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 on: Today at 01:19:33 AM 
Started by 59meteor - Last post by 59meteor
I was looking thru some old files, and found some old photos of our old Fords.
This car started my love affair with Fords. In 1966, my Dad bought this 58 2 door Ranch Wagon as a "2nd car" for my Mother to drive. It was a 6 cyl auto, but something about that car "clicked" in my 9 year old brain. Thats me sitting on the fender. I dreamed of owning the car when I turned 16, but it was totalled a few years later, when my Dad tried (unsucsessfully) to teach my Grandmother how to drive.

My first car was a green 57 Ford Sedan Delivery, bought in 1974 for $50.00, and made my first dragstrip passes with, 17.5ET @74 MPH, with a very tired 272 3 speed standard.

In 1975, I found this second, much nicer 57 Sedan Delivery, but I had to pay a whole lot more money ($175.00!) My buddy fixed the rusty front fenders, and I replaced the dying 272 3 speed, with a used FE 360 from a buddys 72 F250, and a C6. With a new 390GT/428CJ cam and cast iron C4AE intake and 600 Holley, it ran 16.2 @ 86 MPH.

 on: Yesterday at 08:34:28 PM 
Started by Ray - Last post by SkylinerRon
I'm getting a new e-net provider in a couple days if you can't get thru.


 on: Yesterday at 08:31:12 PM 
Started by Wirenut - Last post by Wirenut
Can anyone tell me if there is a source for the hinges that are inside of the window flipper assembly for the hard top? I have checked previous post regarding the flippers and have called Danchucks, Ecklers, and Old Car Parts. They both sell the replacement springs, felt, and rivets. They also sell the complete assembly for the tri fives but will not sell the hinges. I have googled every possible scenario and checked e bay but haven't located any. I ordered the springs and plastic protectors years ago but just getting to restoring them. I didn't realize I had a couple unsalvageable hinges. I know somebody makes them for the repops that the above mentioned vendors sell.
Any source information would be appreciated.

 on: Yesterday at 08:03:00 PM 
Started by terry_208 - Last post by SkylinerRon
All 1959 Sheet metal is different than 57/58.
For those needing floor pans all 57/58 pans from the pinch weld on the firewall to
the seam under the rear seat are the same except for Skyliners & Converts.


 on: Yesterday at 08:00:00 PM 
Started by chapingo17 - Last post by chapingo17
I tried to file down the points on the horn but horn did not work. I found out that the problem was at the points they were not even touching. I tried to bend points plate together but I was not able to. I proceeded to drill out points rivets to clean & adjust points. I was able to make the horn work. Replaced rivets with screws. 

 on: Yesterday at 04:11:06 PM 
Started by 57AGIN - Last post by djfordmanjack
that darn spring !!!! mine was broken unwittingly and the hood suddenly flung fully open when I was going down Lincoln Ave and hit a bump on my way to Long Beach. I was lucky that the parking area to the curbs was free and little traffic and I was able to stop the car in time and safely. I was just discussing bad '55 and 56 hood latches with Jay, and the 57 seems not to be that much safer...
I bent a spring from mild spring steel to repair the catch.

 on: Yesterday at 03:59:11 PM 
Started by Jeff Norwell - Last post by djfordmanjack
Thanx, my rear bumperettes on the CS are ok for a driver and I have another set for the Del Rio.
If I needed a pair, now I know where to ask !
That's still a great deal for your nice bumper and except for 2 little chrome plugs in those wire holes nobody will ever know. Always good to pick up bumpers by yourself, as shipping kills it all. I was happy to find fresh rechromed bumpers for the Ranch Wagon when I took it to the Long Beach swap meet.

 on: Yesterday at 02:54:44 PM 
Started by terry_208 - Last post by RICH MUISE
Just saw this thread. I don't know about a '59, but I can tell you a '57 Custom 2 dr. oddly enough is the same floorpan as a '58 Fairlane 4 dr. The '58 had an additional 3/4" hole under the B pillars.

 on: Yesterday at 02:51:38 PM 
Started by lalessi1 - Last post by RICH MUISE
I just found out it also has an elevation readout...supercool when your in the mountains as I often am. I was actually looking for one of those a few years ago...couldn't find one.

 on: Yesterday at 02:28:42 PM 
Started by lalessi1 - Last post by RICH MUISE
I'll try to post a pic, but it's a png file...not sure if most can open it up...let me know. I've got a PhotoShop program that opens them.
Edit....windows photo gallery opens it.
It'll just be replacing the one that's already there that I can't get to work. Some time next year I'll replace the rest of them so they match.


American made, design your own...pretty cool. Expensive but on sale this month for 15% off. Mine is similar to the pic I posted, not exact. This was someone else's design. I opted for a dome shaped glass to eliminate the big black button. Mine will have the remote button under the dash. It's a compass, 1/4 mile timer, 0-60 timer, trip odometer, etc etc. The speedometer alone as I designed is 245ish. I also opted for a different font

Sorry for the Hijack Lynn and Jim.....kinda fit as an alternative to the hassles of retrofiting an oem to work.
PS...check out the gps speedo video at the bottom of the page I posted a link to...particularly the response time when they were on the roadcourse.

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