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 on: Today at 02:03:07 PM 
Started by hiball3985 - Last post by hiball3985
That would be a mind blower!!
The poor guy that owned it originally was on the news and has no idea how it got there, he sold it to AutoNation.. It may have went to some guy in Syria legaly and strong armed away by ISIS... I'll bet they haven't register or insured it  :003:

 on: Today at 01:34:22 PM 
Started by hiball3985 - Last post by Zapato
Wouldn't you about s**t your pants if you were watching the news and saw your old company truck with your company name in the news being used that way ?

Zap- :unitedstates:

 on: Today at 10:21:03 AM 
Started by ricky knight - Last post by MT
MT, what kind of fenderwell headers are you buying?  Are they prefabricated, (off the shelf) or will they have to be custom made?  I am really thinking about making my 57 Ranchero into a Gasser as I grew up in the 60's and still love that Gasser look.

They are customs, originally on a 57 Ranchero.  I have never seen anything off-the-shelf.

 on: Today at 09:59:54 AM 
Started by lalessi1 - Last post by lalessi1
For anyone trying to retain an original column and a using a solid shaft. This mixture of Ford parts will literally bolt up and give you a completely stock look. This is the most important part, the turn signal/horn contact plate;


The switch fits but one hole in the column will have to be drilled. The 57 lever bolts up and the switch function is much better than the original.         

Next is the steering wheel:


This particular steering wheel is identical externally to a 57 Custom (which doesn't use a horn ring). It is different from the 57 wheel in two ways; it has a plastic insert that accepts the horn button brush and the signal cancelling extension on the back of the wheel is slightly different. The 57 horn button fitment in identical

The horn button brush:


The index plate:


This plate replaces the original metal one and the nylon bushings and is cut out for the horn button brush.

I put this info up so if you are inclined you will know what you are looking for or how to modify 57 parts to this arrangement. You do not have to remove the column to swap out these parts. I know these prices are crazy expensive. I don't know if these pictures can be archived or not for future reference

 on: Today at 09:53:30 AM 
Started by Ron - Last post by Ron
Gasman:  That great info and photo that dgasman posted brings up another interesting question: the template sketch you posted on here a few days ago to help me determine where to mount the script on my '57 Tudor Wagon indicates your fender has six holes.  If you traced that template off the front fender of your '57 Tudor wagon, does that mean your car came from the factory with the Del Rio Script on the fenders?  Stranger things have happened on the assembly line, I know, but it seems unlikely that the "curved" script would look right on a flat fender.  What are your thoughts?  Thanks, Ron...

 on: Today at 07:06:35 AM 
Started by jvo - Last post by rmk57
I machined mine from aluminum. I built my own Caltracs and they specify aluminum spring bushings. Metal supermarket didn't have 1 3/8 bar in stock so I used
1 1/2 and machined it down. Then used 5/8 od by 1/2 id DOM tube for the insert.

 on: Today at 06:57:39 AM 
Started by jvo - Last post by Jeff Norwell
When I ordered my rear HD springs from McViegh's(thanks Rich!) they came with rear bushings,I am now not sure if I got the front bushings with it.I will have to check.All is packed away at the moment.
But good info here on this thread.

 on: Today at 06:53:59 AM 
Started by ricky knight - Last post by Jeff Norwell
MAX EFFORT on that trunk lid patina.

HA HA HA ,You got that right Gary,Man, That car might have some real problems not showing.

 on: Today at 06:39:53 AM 
Started by ricky knight - Last post by hiball3985
Just needs a good clear coat to preserve it  :003:

 on: Today at 06:39:06 AM 
Started by ricky knight - Last post by gasman826
MAX EFFORT on that trunk lid patina.

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