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 on: Today at 01:01:59 PM 
Started by arpbob - Last post by cokefirst
are you still looking for this part?  I have one that needs paint and the louvers should be re-chromed.  I do have the two small end pieces too.  Let me know if you are interested.  The two plastic levers knobs are missing.  I probably have them, it is a matter of finding them.

 on: Today at 12:06:32 PM 
Started by Jeff Norwell - Last post by Jeff Norwell
Yes Bill.
I fully agree.Both my 32's are in the complete traditional fashion... bias plys,etc,etc... one is a fire breathing 600+hp,thats chopped and channelled.The other is a supercharged unit.I call these "Bar Hoppers"... if anyone here has a Hard tail Motorcycle.. that is what they are like..... fun to drive.. but on a very limited leash.
My 300 we are talking about here can really stretch her legs due to the sheer simplicity.... and so will my Texas 57(only I am aiming for a finished paint and interior.)...I prefer these days to stay with performance items that came from factory.I have done the speed parts and all that.... fun.very fun.. but i am past that at this point.
I just want,  in the end....... to have 2 good drivers..and the Texas 57 to be a cream puff nice old car.

 on: Today at 10:11:37 AM 
Started by hemidave - Last post by Ray
Very interesting, I knew Bruce Johnson quite well as I was living in Minneapolis when I bought my first little bird. I purchased my Gunmetal "F" T-Bird from him shortly after I moved to California. He was the source of the 6 convertible story for me as well. Bruce had 2 Rancheros but one had an early data plate which contraindicates validity. Also, Jim Weatherly told me at some point that there was only one Ranchero. Bruce had that car. The earliest "F" data plate date T-Bird we know of was a car That Don Antilla had in Connecticut. That car was built on June 10th. The list of T-Birds that Shields started has grown to 197 of the 213 cars as a couple have come out of the woodwork since he did the original list. It will be interesting to see if Jack Anderson's D-F convertible is a cut down hard top.

 on: Today at 09:04:31 AM 
Started by Teddymac - Last post by Teddymac
Good advice!

 on: Today at 06:34:23 AM 
Started by billd5string - Last post by billd5string
Thanks for those pics Jeff - I knew it was probably going to be tight but I didn't realize it was THAT tight.

 on: Today at 05:45:39 AM 
Started by Teddymac - Last post by Ford Blue blood
Remove the seat!  Easiest way to save your back!

 on: Today at 05:40:29 AM 
Started by Jeff Norwell - Last post by Ford Blue blood
My system works...and thats good enough for now.... as for comparing daily drivers to the cars we use for a hobby....apples and oranges.. just my thoughts.
I am very happy how how all is working on this rolling test lab.

I agree Jeff.  Our daily drivers have the advantage of controlling every bit of air to make sure it moves through the radiator.  Add to that the computer controls timing, mixture, and RPM to keep temps down. 

The hot rods/customs/original "toys" we play with just need two things, lots of air and lots of water!  All three 62 - 65 Birds  (390 + .030 over) I have built had shrouds and clutch fans.  All of them ran spot on in parades with the air turned on.  My 36 hot rod will heat up just a touch with a single Spal 16" electric, but it does cycle on and off with a 200* switch.  Its radiator is three row copper 16" X 25".

 on: Today at 12:00:40 AM 
Started by 57AGIN - Last post by 57AGIN

So true.  Today while I went over to install the 57 hood scoop chrome piece, Pete Santini was loosening the left side hood hinge springs to bring the front left hood down just a little.  It made the front of the hood to the nose piece a little better.  The hood alignment & gaps are nearly perfect, but they still haven't started working on the rest of the door & fender gaps.  Those could very well through off the hood gaps.  Pete took off the steering wheel and removed the ash tray to repair some damage overlooked earlier, they were being painted as I left for the day.  It is getting pretty close to being finalized, tomorrow they will be doing some minor scratch buffing and fixing some very minor paint blemishes. 


 on: Yesterday at 09:02:25 PM 
Started by alvin stadel - Last post by SkylinerRon
Those part #'s are pass car.
B7S-9601-B is T-Bird. Same oval as car except 2.125" tall.


 on: Yesterday at 08:50:19 PM 
Started by hemidave - Last post by SkylinerRon
NASCAR allowed Superchargers, multi carbs and fuel injection early in the season later the rules
changed to single 4 barrels only.

The 2 57 T-Birds were 368" Lincoln Y's.


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