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 on: Today at 07:52:09 PM 
Started by ricky knight - Last post by bluerusty57
Hello Ricky where are you located and do you have a price

 on: Today at 06:43:54 PM 
Started by hemidave - Last post by ragtop
one for sale on cars on line.com

 on: Today at 06:33:40 PM 
Started by jthesby - Last post by jthesby
I'm picking up what your putting down there Lucky'57. Right now the drive shaft all ready rubs the tunnel, that's wit the old wore out leafs, and 3" blocks the PO had installed. It's rather evident that he originally didn't replace the shocks with a shorter unit in the rear. As both mounts on the leafs had to be welded back on  :o I currently have 1" blocks on the way for the rear to get it back up till I decide to cut the tunnel.
I'm actually hoping to gain a little height from where it is with the aerostars, ya'll just about have me convinced that it ain't happening....

On another note,  really got a chance to poke around under the car, looks like it was originally a power steering car.  Everything is still under there,  just missing pump and lines. 
Now do I go thru and convert everything to manual,  or try and get the power steering going again?  Either way I am going to have to replace everything, it's wore to spit.

 on: Today at 06:17:50 PM 
Started by barsby340 - Last post by RICH MUISE
Looks like the car was white and willow green...that's a pretty combo on these cars. If you want some inspiration, check the build threads.....Custom Shelby is putting together an awesome Custom with that color combo. His isn't the 300 like yours, but you'll get the picture!
Looks like the trim is all there..that's a good thing. And BTW, most of the trim on these '57's is stainless. I think you'll find only the bumpers, grille, all the handles, and all the nameplates and hood/deck ornaments are chrome and everything else is SS...even the vent window frames. Makes for a very time consuming project restoring all that stainless, but unless you've got deep pockets, it's gonna save a ton on rechroming expenses.

 on: Today at 02:06:58 PM 
Started by canadian_ranchero - Last post by RICH MUISE
That IS a good thing.
Getting closer to that grin on your face when the engine fires up!!

 on: Today at 02:06:27 PM 
Started by barsby340 - Last post by barsby340
That is awesome.... the car is a 2 door, inline 6 with an auto. her dad said it originally had no heat or radio, he later (in the 70's) installed both. It was a driver up until around the year 2000. I plan on completely re-doing it. I hesitate to say restore because that means crazy things to some people and I have no plans on going that crazy. I do plan on a frame off rebuild of the car with some modern upgrade, brakes fuel injection ect. My wife and I want to drive it. I don't want to be worried about actual mileage either. Road tripper is in the works.
I have a feeling that this forum is going to be a valuable resource for me.

 on: Today at 09:54:25 AM 
Started by barsby340 - Last post by RICH MUISE
So.....what do you have there? 2 dr, 4 dr? Driver? What's the drivetrain in it now, and the future if any changes planned? I think it's really cool having a family car passed down. Just doesn't get any better than that. Mine belonged to my wife's dad as well, although apparently just for a short time before he died. He had bought it to flip...was just dragging his feet actually selling it I was told. My mother in law lives here now (they lived in s. Oklahoma back then), and when I finally got it on the road after 10 years, I grabbed John's coffee cup that was in it when I bought the car from her and took them both for a ride. That was pretty cool!!

 on: Today at 08:15:20 AM 
Started by barsby340 - Last post by barsby340
 :003: Awesome thanks, it feels pretty strong, my main desire is that it is fixed properly and doesn't become a bigger issue later. My wife has been in love with this car for most of her life and I will fix it for her. Truthfully its growing on me pretty fast. I think its really cool. and I'm excited to get it back on the road. Thanks again for the response

 on: Today at 03:24:32 AM 
Started by Ford Blue blood - Last post by KYBlueOval
"Glacier Silver Ceramic" is what is on the bottle.  It is sprayed right out of the bottle.  Used my touch up gun.  It took one 2 oz bottle to put two wet coats on each manifold.

Their instructions are a PITA.....in that they want you to clean them really good, bake at 250, use 100 - 80 grit aluminum oxide to blast, bake again after blowing any dust off them all while wearing rubber gloves, then spray using a support system so nothing "bumps" into them for 24 hours.  They dry to the touch in a very short period of time.  Only after painting instructions are, first cure at 24 hours, full cure after five days.  I did do all they asked.  We'll see how good it is!
Thank you.

 on: Today at 03:08:19 AM 
Started by wv 57s forever - Last post by wv 57s forever

 Thanks ordered  one this morning.

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