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 on: Today at 07:49:04 PM 
Started by geraldchainsaw - Last post by geraldchainsaw
Mark,  maybe u can do something for me until i learn how to post on that forum,    theres a guy looking for a 12v overdrive cylanoid,  spelled wrong,  that i have, and he could have for half the price of a new one,  let him know who or how to get in touch with me,  give him my email address,   now,  i'm only asking,  if u rather not,  thats fine,  so my email is,   jerrywmalcolm@aol.com,   thanks either way it goes,    jerry   

 on: Today at 07:41:15 PM 
Started by geraldchainsaw - Last post by geraldchainsaw
yes i did reg,   when i go to post,  it only goes so far,  i can put a heading on,  but when i go to type the letter it has alot of garbled junk where the msg would go,  won't let me type anything,  i've probly missed something but i sure don't know what it is.,  thanks for the info,     jerrry

 on: Today at 07:27:11 PM 
Started by geraldchainsaw - Last post by Frankenstein57
Gerry, I have been a member for several years. They have recently revamped the site at least twice, are you registered?  Mark

 on: Today at 07:24:14 PM 
Started by Finally1 - Last post by Frankenstein57
Lookin quite nice!

 on: Today at 07:22:20 PM 
Started by RICH MUISE - Last post by Frankenstein57
No, its definitely vapor from my breathing. It is the 110 lb pressurized  blaster, I'm wearing a hood over my head with safety glasses and a resperator. I'm thinking there must be a resperator the vents the air away from glasses or goggles.  Mark

 on: Today at 07:13:15 PM 
Started by hotroddonnie - Last post by Ecode70D
 I know that Jeff has to do the  work when it comes in, but I would like to think that he is thrashing on his 57 and that you are just covering up for him.

 on: Today at 06:38:13 PM 
Started by Finally1 - Last post by rmk57
My favorite colour in a Custom. Nice!

 on: Today at 06:17:46 PM 
Started by Finally1 - Last post by Finally1
Well I finally got the brakes ,wheels and tires ,aluminum driveshaft and 8.8 rearend installed and got it aligned today . I got my first trip in today and must say the ole 223 motors right along with a 3.55 gear outback and a 27 in tire . What do you guys think

 on: Today at 05:38:04 PM 
Started by rmk57 - Last post by rmk57
I guess this may be directed at Bob (57agin). When you installed your caltracs did you use the aluminum bushing in your front spring eye?

I saw the photos you posted of the installation and there isn't a whole lotta room in the spring pocket for for all the hardware, did you use all of it?

Also are able to use the top hole or does the bolt hit the frame rail?

 on: Today at 04:24:53 PM 
Started by JimNolan - Last post by JimNolan
Thanks Tom, I never thought of that and it'd be better than the stickers.
UPDATE  :   Bought rubber stamp the same font and size plus permanent yellow ink pad. Can't wait.

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